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Explore case studies from our members


RE-ROOTED - Food & Beverage


The Positive Impact company is reinventing how people drink milk. Their dairy-free drinks are responsibly and organically sourced with no additives, delivered by a new generation of milkmen in zero emission electric vehicles with returnable, refillable glass bottles. 

AUGA - Food & Beverage


Auga is the largest vertically integrated organic food company in Europe, managing over 39 000 ha of land, yet seeking to restore the traditional connection between farmers and the land through sensitive, sustainable rather than intensive farming approaches.

HEALTHY NIBBLES - Food & Beverage

Healthy Nibbles is targeting endemic unhealthy workplace culture of the modern world by offering companies the chance to save money and improve the quality of life of their employees. Their tech-enabled vending machines allow consumers to search for products via dietary requirements.

AEROPOWDER - Packaging


Aeropowder is a company recognising the potential of waste materials. Every day in the world 10,000 tonnes of feathers from the poultry industry are wasted. Aeropowder wants to change this, pioneering the original concept of using waste feathers in sustainable materials.

SEA2SEE - Fashion & Lifestyle


Sea2see collaborates with fishing communities in 27 ports of Spain and 10 coastal areas of Ghana in order to collect discarded marine plastic waste made up of fishing nets, rope, lines, and bottles. They give value to this discarded waste and reward the fishermen for what they collect.



Riversimple is a UK purpose-driven company pursuing, systematically, "the elimination of the environmental impact of personal transport". From the design of the car, the structure of the business, the people they work with, Riversimple is in pursuit of this goal. 

DATHAPPY - Tech for Good


DatHappy is a social enterprise accelerating purpose-driven organisations´innovation & growth and leveraging the data economy for a positive impact. The company aims to help social innovators, to better use technology and data as a resource to positively impact the world.

REEL PAPER - Consumer Goods

Reel is revolutionising toilet paper production, producing the most eco-friendly toilet paper on the market today. The global toilet paper industry wipes out a staggering 27 000 trees each day. The secret: their paper is made from the fastest growing plant on land - bamboo.

THE HUNGRY LAB - Consultancy Services

The Hungry Lab is revolutionising education to cultivate positive leaders for the future. Open to anyone who is ‘hungry’ to make an impact, the Hungry Lab recognises that traditional schooling isn’t preparing young people to thrive in today’s volatile, technologically-driven world.

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