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Discover and use our free toolkits and roadmaps to make a positive impact


We provide you with jargon-free toolkits sharing actionable steps for positive impact. The Navigation tools are developed over several months within the Regen Futures Lab in collaboration with experts, academics, business leaders, and reviewers.


All the toolkits are aligned with the five principles of the Positive Compass empowering changemakers to move towards Regeneration. New toolkits are underway and will be made available very soon.

Get in touch if you would like to contribute.

Net Zero Toolkit final watermarked (1).png


This framework is aimed at committed changemaker companies and climate pioneers who recognize the importance of our climate crisis and want to be part of the solution. The toolkit is divided into five levels for ease of use.

Positive - Zero Waste by 2030 Toolkit-01.png


This toolkit is aimed at equipping changemakers in the sector with the tools you need to hack a pathway to Zero Waste, as well as providing practical insights, know-how and best-practice to support you on your journey.

The Positive Purpose Toolkit final watermarked.png


This toolkit is aimed at equipping changemakers in the with practical insights, know-how and best-practice to support you on your purpose journey. It offers an action-oriented approach to define your purpose, embed it into your company DNA and share it with the world.

The Diversity Toolkit watermarked.png


This toolkit is for any changemaker and entrepreneur who deeply cares about diversity within their organisation. It provides you with knowledge, insights, and practical guidance for you to build a diverse team and foster diversity at the core of your business.

The Positive Circular Economy Toolkit final watermarked.png


This toolkit empowers changemakers and entrepreneurs to rethink their approaches to business. It provides you with a practical pathway to become fully circular and shift from linear business models. It give you clear guidance on how to become circular with step by step support.

Positive - Good Packaging Toolkit-01.png


This toolkit empower changemakers and entrepreneurs to adopt good packaging practices. We look at the importance of responsible packaging and adopting a zero waste approach with practical insights on packaging options and the latest home compostable biodegradable plastic innovations.

Ethical Sourcing.png


The purpose of this toolkit is to raise awareness of modern slavery which affects millions of people all over the world as well as on our own shores. We include a series of practical action steps in a jargon-free toolkit for you to eliminate your exposure from supply chains and within the workplace. 

Positive - Food & Drinks Toolkit-01.png


This guidebook is aimed at equipping changemakers in the sector with a broad overview of the big drivers shaping positive change in the food and drinks industry, as well as providing practical insights and knowledge at a time of converging crises as we look towards a decisive decade for our just transition.

Positive - User Experience Toolkit-01.png


This toolkit is aimed at equipping changemakers looking at user experience as a powerful tool to empower their audiences. This is a practical guidebook to designing great user experience to scale regenerative solutions.

Positive - Product Market Fit Toolkit-01.png


This toolkit is aimed at equipping changemakers using product market fit solutions to solve the greatest challenges of our time. At the very core of all technology is a simple, but powerful idea. Technology exists to scale whatever we want to achieve. 



We provide you with practical roadmaps supporting your transformation journey. It helps you understand, plan and break down your impact journey into actionable steps.

Net Zero (1).png


This roadmap helps you reflect on your impact while supporting you to elaborate on a clear strategy for your Net-Zero & Beyond journey. It will invite you to share responsibilities, identify pain points, and strategise.

Purpose (1).png


This roadmap helps you reflect on your purpose while supporting you to articulate your purpose narrative. It will invite you to identify your just cause while helping to find compelling narratives for others to be in service of your purpose.

Diversity (1).png


This roadmap helps you analyse your approach to team members, partners, and citizens your serve inviting you to look through a lens of intersectionality. It will encourage you to spot biases while helping you to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion within your ecosystem.

Circular (1).png


This roadmap enables you to rethink your approaches helping you to transition to fully circular models. It will invite you to review your processes and approaches while inviting you to find new ways of doing moving from linear mindset and approach.


The Regen Futures Lab welcomes you to develop new resources for changemakers. If you have expertise or ideas to contribute to our collective work, please get in touch.

If you would like to share feedback about our existing resources, please get in touch.

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