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As we co-create the future, we envision a vibrant Regenerative Economy led by Regenerative Entrepreneurs building Positive Impact Companies.

We are on a mission to empower Regenerative Entrepreneurs to co-create solutions fostering an equitable and life-affirming economy through knowledge, resources, and a peer-led community.

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The future has a voice and is calling us, it’s for a holistic solution to the biggest problem facing humanity - an economic system built on extraction and exploitation. 

Positive was founded in 2020 by Niels & Stephen to answer this call. Both realized that we are facing an historic moment. Stephen and Niels saw that in a volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous world, changemakers needed a compass to navigate safely to build a better future.


Niels is a young leader, changemaker, committed to a better world. He has led and founded multiple positive impact initiatives empowering communities across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. His background is at the intersection of youth, social impact, and sustainability. Niels is on a mission to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs taking sustainability to the next level.

Stephen is a change agent, and systems entrepreneur. He has a multicultural background and has worked with leaders in more than 50 countries. He co-founded the charity Reboot the Future, rekindled Golden Rule Day, launched Salt, a  magazine for change-maker business, and co-authored a book with the Nobel prize winners Gore, Tutu and Yunus. Stephen is committed to convening and catalyzing networks of leaders for systemic change.


Today, Niels’ & Stephen’s experience is helping to convene changemakers to answer the call for a regenerative and equitable future. They identified a new pattern within the change landscape. Recognizing this as a corrective force in the economy, they named it Regenerative entrepreneurship. 

“We are facing an historic moment,” Stephen says.  “The pace of change has never been faster and the economy has tried to dominate Nature, not work with her. This current model of economic ‘success’ is built on extraction and exploitation. Left unchecked, it will drag humanity over a cliff edge from which we will not recover.”

Niels continues.

“Over the last years, we started to see interesting patterns arising within the impact landscape - a new type of changemaker entrepreneur was emerging.

At the same time, we have seen a growing realisation that we need to go beyond sustainability - challenging the status quo. The time has definitely come to empowe  a new mindset shift - supporting Regenerative Entrepreneurs to build Positive Impact Companies”.


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Nature has provided a template for change: the metamorphosis of the caterpillar. The caterpillar is hyper-consumptive, and eats several times its body weight. When the caterpillar can eat no more, it suspends itself in a chrysalis. Inside this cocoon, the caterpillar dissolves into organic goop. A small number of cells, previously dormant, initiate the process of rebirth and renewal.  


At first, these ‘imaginal cells’ function independently as single-cell organisms. The dying caterpillar sees these cells as a threat and attacks them. This provocation forces them to consolidate, multiply, and connect. They form clusters and soon small clusters of fifty cells each soon complexifying into clusters of fifty thousand forming wings and other body parts. Finally, they merge into a new multicellular organism with a completely different DNA from the caterpillar, which we call the butterfly.


Late capitalism has taken us into earth overshoot during a time of escalated change. We are now in the anthropocene, and we are overconsuming beyond the Earth’s capacity to regenerate. We are at a crossroads and must now choose between a dystopian future and a regenerative one rooted in social and environmental justice. 

Our system-change framework (FR4ME) is about hacking the pathway that established Social Enterprise as a major corrective force in our economy from the 1970s onwards, by a series of systemic interventions:

  • Celebrating the early pioneers & organizing the field;

  • Empowering changemakers with frameworks, tools & resources;

  • Delivering educational programs Setting up local hubs;

  • Convening funding opportunities;

  • Forging institutional, media and academic partnerships;

  • Inspiring specially dedicated organizations.

At the heart of FR4ME is our Compass, a methodology which translates the Planetary Boundaries and Doughnut Economics into straightforward values and action-steps to enable a Regenerative and equitable economy.


There are three phases; seeding, cultivating and scaling.

FR4ME will enable a rapid development of the field. The expansion will be enabled by our compass and roadmap and supported by partnerships with other leading organizations.