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As we co-create the future, we envision a vibrant regenerative economy led by Positive Impact Companies.

We are on a mission to empower businesses on their journey to becoming Positive Impact Companies through knowledge, resources, and a peer-led community.

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The future has a voice and is calling us, it’s for a holistic solution to the biggest problem facing humanity - an economic system built on extraction and exploitation. 

Positive was founded in 2020 by Niels & Stephen to answer this call. Both realized that we are facing an historic moment. Stephen and Niels saw that in a volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous world, changemaker entrepreneurs needed a compass to navigate safely to build a better future.


Niels is a young leader, changemaker, committed to a better world. He has led and founded multiple positive impact initiatives empowering communities across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. His background is at the intersection of youth, social impact, and sustainability. Niels is on a mission to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs taking sustainability to the next level.

Stephen is a change agent, and systems entrepreneur. He has a multicultural background and has worked with leaders in more than 50 countries. He co-founded the charity Reboot the Future, rekindled Golden Rule Day, launched Salt, a  magazine for change-maker business, and co-authored a book with the Nobel prize winners Gore, Tutu and Yunus. Stephen is committed to convening and catalyzing networks of leaders for systemic change.


Today, Niels’ & Stephen’s experience is helping to create a community of passionate, pioneering changemaker companies to answer the call for business of the future. They identified a new pattern within the business landscape. Recognizing this as a corrective force in business, they named it the Positive Impact Company. 

“We are facing an historic moment,” Stephen says.  “The pace of change has never been faster and the economy has tried to dominate Nature, not work with her. This current model of economic ‘success’ is built on extraction and exploitation. Left unchecked, it will drag humanity over a cliff edge from which we will not recover.”

Niels continues.

“Over the last years, we started to see interesting patterns arising within the business landscape - a new type of changemaker enterprise was emerging.

At the same time, we have seen a growing realisation that we need to go beyond sustainability - challenging the status quo. The time has definitely come to unleash businesses of the future - empowering Positive Impact Companies”.


Frameworks for Economic Metamorphosis (FR4ME) is the

name we have given to our systems change roadmap.

This roadmap envisages PICs as a key trend growing at an

accelerated rate by 2030 and the driving force by 2050.


The framework draws on the metaphor of the Imaginal Cells. Imaginal Cells are the cells in the caterpillar which hold the vision of the transformation of the butterfly. During this process these cells multiply, and then group in clusters, which then connect with a transformational outcome. Our founder Stephen Vasconcellos published the book Imaginal Cells: Visions of Transformation on the significance of this metaphor at this historic time with Al Gore, Desmond Tutu and Mohamed Yunus.

Whilst the approach we take is multi-sectoral, our immediate goal is to identify and support 1000 Impact Pioneers and Positive Impact Companies in each of the Food & Drinks, Fashion & Lifestyle, Tech For Good, and Circular sectors. These arenas are well-positioned for transformation, and we can create important tipping points en masse by convening and working with groups of pioneers

To deliver FR4ME, Positive is convening a number of institutional partners, universities, academics, accelerators, and funders. We intend to co-create local chapters and regional hubs, to grow the field with our collective impact.


Please get in touch, if this vision resonates with you.

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