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Positive Interview Series #5: Supply Compass

At some point in our lives, we’ve all been put to the test to come up with an innovative idea. Perhaps for a school project, an interview, a game with friends or even just because we were sitting down at home trying to figure out where to fill the innovation gap and come up with an idea that has never been thought of before.

The truth is, the gap is out there. That is undeniable. But there are so many things which already exist that to think of something new almost seems impossible. And that’s not why we’re here today.

Innovation is one thing. Problem solving is another. Put the two together? You’ll find gems like Supply Compass, trying not to create or innovate for the sake of new ideas, but instead digging deep to find current problems with the system and building better solutions. That is exactly what the world needs.

We caught up with Gus Bartholomew, CEO and Co-Founder of Supply Compass, which is bridging the gap between brands, production teams and manufacturers and helping them connect through better partnerships and communication.

“There had to be a better way to manage and streamline production” - Gus Bartholomew

The reality behind big and innovative ideas that actually work is a huge immersion in the industry and its problems, which is how Gus and Co-Founder Flora started their journey: “we spent the first two years of the business living and breathing supply chains”. That’s what makes their company particularly special, and what makes their product speak for itself when it comes to really making a positive impact. “We visited over 300 different factories, mills and farms to really understand and speak to the people running those businesses, to understand what the problems were for them”.

Through this immersion, they are building and encouraging equality between the brand and the manufacturer, and inspiring “a single source of truth”, whereby both parties can co-create and communicate in a meaningful and collaborative relationship.

The Future

Gus pictures a world in 10 years’ time where responsible sourcing is the norm: “we would like to see that people are more thoughtful about how they produce and the impact that they are having”. And with the way in which their company is challenging the status quo, and inspiring others to do so as well, we can see them having a major impact on this change.

“You have to make sustainable sourcing the fastest, the most cost-effective, and the most efficient way of sourcing for it to become the mainstream” - Gus Bartholomew

Supply Compass will continue to challenge this and reach the future they envision, understanding that sustainability needs to go far beyond talks and policies and actually become a part of people’s everyday lives.

The Positive Compass

Supply Compass joined Positive in order to learn, teach, and most importantly grow together in a community of members looking forward to a regenerative system. “Communities like Positive are so important in the modern way of doing business”.

Their values go hand in hand with everything that Positive stands for. Fighting for the planet with purpose and really giving value to important contributors to regeneration like people and partnerships, is the most humble, honest and impact-driven change that one can thrive to make.

“It’s really important to align with other businesses that are part of the community, making sure that we’re actually all speaking and talking about how we can improve” - Gus Bartholomew

We’re incredibly excited to see Supply Compass continue to empower relationships, and we are proud to have them as a member of Positive, making a positive impact every single day.


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