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Ecofleet: Zero-Emission mobility, mindful delivery

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

In 2017, Farah Asemi was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis – a chronic pulmonary disease manifested by inflamed and damaged airways. Over time, it causes loss of lung function. What caused this debilitating condition? Acute air pollution in her beloved hometown, London.

Prevalence of bronchiectasis rose by 20% from 2008 to 2012. It now affects over 210,000 people in the UK. After developing associated pneumonia, Farah was determined to help curb this growing problem and find a solution to congestion. Enter ecofleet.

Ecofleet Founder & CEO, Farah understood that vans in the logistics and delivery industry are a major source of traffic and a disproportionate contributor of pollution – causing 30% of Nitrogen oxide eruptions. Supporting London’s target of becoming carbon-neutral by 2030, ecofleet offers a zero-emission last-mile delivery service on cargo bikes.

Employing the best electric cargo bikes available on the market, ecofleet’s dedicated team of pedal pushers provide same day and next day delivery, along with rider tracking and proof of delivery. From distribution centre to door stop, the front-loading bikes carry up to 120kg and have a range of 100 miles with dual battery power. Their mantra: sustainable mobility, mindful delivery.

In under 2 years – From September 2019 to October 2021 – ecofleet have completed 87,945 drops. That’s 35,754 kg of CO2e saved. Equivalent to 4.4 million mobile phone charges.

Route optimisation whilst being able to nimbly navigate frequent jams is key to their ultra-fast delivery and success. This has become a prerequisite for the seamless online shopping experience, with courier companies the bridge between suppliers and customers. The last mile is the most time-consuming and costly element of the entire transportation procedure. It is also crucial for customer happiness.

A decade ago, green delivery was considered a premium service. Today, we see rapidly growing demand for greener businesses, resulting in reduced costs for the consumer and the environment. On top of being cost-effective with no petrol or insurance overheads, green delivery is a prudent business decision – boosting brand image. A study from UCLA shows employees working in green businesses were 16% more productive than those who didn’t. Being green can clearly leave you in the black.

Businesses today face a tricky paradox. Over 50% of customers would like to have same-day delivery functionality, however, less than 25% of retailers have the infrastructure to accommodate this. Ecofleet helps businesses with operational difficulties by filling this gap with their sustainable and adaptive transport option – whilst pedalling us towards a greener, cleaner future.


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