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Positive Interview Series #4: Sipful Drinks

Picture this. It’s been a long week at work, your calendar has been packed with unnecessary Zoom meetings that could have easily been converted into an email, it’s Friday, it’s hot outside and you’re ready for the weekend. You get home, you open the fridge, and there it is. The ice-cold beer you’ve been thinking about since… let’s say noon, to keep things classy.

We’ve all experienced that thirst-quenching first sip (and the bloating after the last one). But, if we told you that this beer could potentially become the next step in your big career move, would you think we’re exaggerating? Well, that’s exactly why we’re here today, because of a simple, life-changing beer.

In fact, that’s all it took for founders of Sipful Drinks, Darius and Em, to come up with the idea of a sustainable, easy to drink, and 100% natural canned alternative to beer, but without the bloating and the damage to the environment!

At Positive, a business dedicating any time to moving towards regeneration, is a business to shout about. So we caught up with Marketing Manager of Sipful Drinks, Madi Wilmshurst to find out more about their contribution to the planet.

“We are on a journey to becoming a regenerative business - helping our consumers leave a positive impact on the planet” - Madi Wilmshurst

Sustainability is deeply embedded in Sipful’s ethos, and they are focusing not only on reaching regeneration, but on becoming a business that their customers are proud of: “we want to create a culture where our consumers make a positive statement by choosing to purchase from us”. They are incredibly customer-oriented, with a goal to “exceed the expectations of the modern drinker” making them feel like a part of their sustainable journey: “we are resolute in our belief that the world will be a better place every time a Sipful is consumed”.

The Future

Although Sipful envisions a better world in 10 years’ time, they aren’t blind to the facts that show us there’s still a long way to go. In fact, they are challenging the ever-changing trends in our world, in the hopes that humanity won’t let regeneration pass by as just another trending topic.

“We are a nation of instant gratification and I fear that because the sustainability problem is ongoing, that people might lose interest. The real challenge is to keep that momentum going.” - Madi Wilmshurst

Sipful is excited to see a new generation of changemakers stepping forward in the fight for our planet, and understand that “the challenge lies in educating those in positions of power to make better decisions”.

We couldn’t agree more!

The Positive Compass

Sipful is a member of the Positive Impact Community, and they are an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to sharing the message of regeneration and empowering their community of changemaker customers: “we know that together we are a stronger force for good”.

“Positive offers a reassuring arm around your shoulder when tackling world issues.” - Madi Wilmshurst

They have come in strong and are already making a huge positive impact in the community. Recently, they signed the Food & Drinks pledge calling for a new food system. “We know first hand just how challenging the food and drinks sector can be for supply chain dynamics and destructive agriculture, to name just a couple. There is so much work to be done and we absolutely want and are doing everything we can to help”.

We have witnessed first hand the great efforts made by Sipful to empower a regenerative economy, and we know that the community they are creating will only continue to grow. Sipful is an incredible example of how a small idea can turn into revolutionising positive change.


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