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Positive Interview Series #1: The C Collective

At Positive we believe in thinkers and dreamers; we believe in those who have the ability to re-imagine the world we live in and picture a better future. However, as romantic as that can be, we also know that dreams need real actions to come true, and that real Positive impact comes from converting thoughts into Purpose. We know that there’s a bridge between a dream and a reality, and it’s up to the changemakers to build it.

When it comes to making a Positive impact, The C Collective has built, walked, and sprinted over their own bridge. They are ahead of the game in making dreams come true and are now supporting other impact entrepreneurs by “bridging the Intention – Action gap in sustainable behaviours so that they become the norm”.

“There were lots of solutions to the world’s biggest social and environmental problems, but they were not scaling enough” – Marie Geneste, Founder of The C Collective.

Building this bridge comes with a lot of years of hard work and intention; Founder of The C Collective Marie Geneste knows this first-hand: “I worked for years helping large organisations on marketing, digital transformation and then user experience design, while being an eco-warrior on the personal front. I could see that there were lots of solutions to the world’s biggest social and environmental problems, but they were not scaling enough, partly because their end-to-end user experience was not up to the standards of mainstream options”.

Marie’s experience is not a stranger to impact entrepreneurs who often find themselves more than ready to put their ideas into practice, but lack the proper resources, understanding and support to do so. But that’s where the idea for The C Collective emerged: “I thought I could do something to help these solutions up their user experience game and thus, bridge the Intention-Action gap in regenerative consumption”.

Today, she is doing just that. With their days “split between business development activities, content creation, client projects and operations”, Marie and the team at The C Collective are making a Positive impact by converting regenerative dreams into realities.

The Future

As more and more companies work collaboratively with plans to catalyse a regenerative economy, the future of the planet looks hopeful. Marie envisions a world in 10 years’ time where “regenerative business practices and consumption will be the new normal. We will be on track to net-zero targets and have started seeing the benefits of our efforts in terms of health, biodiversity, human collaboration and prosperity”. May the world hear you, Marie!

Work for net-zero targets is constant, and every single step taken is an incredible leap of faith for the future ahead of us. The next step for The C Collective takes the form of a Woman & Impact Investment Hackathon, where they plan to empower changemaker women who want to gain financial security while investing for good. This is a fascinating and important time for The C Collective, which is headed towards becoming “a healthy and profitable business and community of experts, having contributed to designing and marketing game-changing innovations in the regenerative space”.

The Positive Compass

“Sustainable business practices are just not enough” – Marie Geneste

As a founding member of Positive, The C Collective’s vision is aligned with the Positive Compass of People, Places, Partners, Planet and Purpose as they “help regenerative solutions scale thanks to outstanding user experience” and firmly believe that “sustainable business practices are just not enough, we also need to move towards truly regenerative systems”.

Empowering other changemaker businesses to achieve a regenerative economy is the most pure, humble and purpose-driven impact one can make. We are proud to witness The C Collective’s journey, who are united by a team with “a wealth of skills and experience to design and market products and services in a super effective human centred way, combined with passion for leading the change we want to see”.

If the team at The C Collective were to star in a movie…

… it would be a Romantic Comedy, of course!

There is nothing more heart-warming than a sit-down, relaxed evening with a cuppa (or a glass of wine) and a good old Rom Com to uplift your emotions; and as Marie puts it herself, “user experience is all about emotions”.

And that is exactly what The C Collective do, they uplift a community of changemakers.


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