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Compass November: Celebrating the Positive Values

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

At Positive, we are a community of changemakers with a common mission to support and move companies around the world towards becoming Regenerative businesses, and therefore fostering a Regenerative economy.

There are four key directions that guide us through this mission, with purpose sitting at the centre, and which we’ve named our Positive Compass.

Each of these directions represents a transformational value. The circle symbolises the wellbeing of the whole.

As we celebrate the development of the Positive movement, we are incredibly humbled to be able to launch Compass November; an entire month dedicated to each of the four directions of our compass and values, which we hope will inspire many others to move forward and lead collective transformation. Throughout the month, we will be populating our channels with content that inspires us from the 100 Positive Founding Members and the emerging field of Regenerative business. We hope you will join us through the journey and stay up to date with our posts!

Week One: People

We will kick start the week with People, where our content will be focused on elevating human potential and empowering people around you and in your business.

You will get the chance to meet our team and learn about what inspires us individually to want to be a part of Positive, and how we come together as a community. We will also share insights about the richness of indigenous people's knowledge. This is a real source of inspiration for Positive.

Week Two: Partners

The following week will focus on recognising ‘shared value’ and lifting others up, so that everyone can make their unique contribution to a healthier and more resilient system allowing us to lift up and link up.

Week Three: Places

As we reach the middle of the month, we will be dedicating the third week of Compass November to empowering communities and honouring places in its own unique way.

We recognise that each place is different and has its own special needs from both, an ecological and a cultural perspective.

Week Four: Planet

And finally, to conclude this inspiring month we will delve into being in harmony with, and respecting our place in, the interconnected web of life – expressing our fullest essence in relation to the healthiest expression of other entities in the system.

We will find out how to create the right relationship with nature, and take a look at what a Regenerative business looks like - giving more to the planet and environment than it takes.

Towards the end of each of these weeks, we will reveal our top tips for elevating human potential, creating value for all, honouring communities and developing the right relationship with nature. We will also offer the opportunity for all of you to share your insights and tips around each direction of the compass, which will of course be shared with our audience.

If you want to become a part of this month campaign, make sure you follow us on social media and stay up to date. We can’t wait to celebrate our Positive Compass with you.

We hope it inspires you as much as it is inspiring us to make a Positive Impact.



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