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The Regenerative Enterprise

A visionary and practical pathway empowering entrepreneurs to build future-fit organisations responding to the planetary crisis - with a foreword by Christiana Figueres, Xiye Bastida and Rajiv Joshi.

The Regenerative Enterprise explores how economists, systems thinkers, and pioneering changemakers are catalysing a new economy that works in harmony with nature - a field called regenerative entrepreneurship.

The book charts a clear and actionable journey for businesses to move from a sustainable to a regenerative and equitable mindset supporting life on Earth. It is illustrated by countless examples of life’s 3.8 billion years of R&D, as well as indigenous values, and more than 120 examples of companies leading the way - from replenishing ecosystems to democratising the workplace, reinventing ownership, and transforming waste into wealth.

The Regenerative Enterprise will trigger your thinking and empower you to lead from the future. It is your indispensable guide for leading transformational change and unleashing the power of co-creation and radical collaboration.

Together, we can be the ReGeneration!

The Regenerative Enterprise

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