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Positive welcomes New Members

Building on the knowledge of its Members, Positive welcomes mission-led businesses from around the globe to join its community. All its members are driven by purpose and commit to joining forces on their journey to make a positive impact.

This month we welcome…

Terra Genesis International - Regenerative Agriculture (USA)

Terra Genesis International is an international regenerative design consultancy. They work to bring you solutions that regenerate soil, increase biodiversity, and boost businesses. TGI helps you to rethink the business of agriculture in our changing world. Growing companies' impact, building brands, increasing customer loyalty and building resiliency.

Sipful Drinks - Food & Drinks (UK)

Sipful makes classic cocktails easy for consumers by canning them into their 250ml, fully recyclable cans. Sipful uses 100% organic wine to mix their canned cocktails, they believe in being the best they can be as a business and will continue to strive for this.

Totel.Ly - Circular (Iceland)

Totel.Ly is an online marketplace for sustainable and circular (second hand) products that reduce waste and maximize existing resources. They detail how your products and purchases impact our natural planet and help you to make conscious choices. Their community is a network of local ventures, making it easy for all of us to protect and thrive where we are. Every small action on gives back: to small business, to our natural world and to you. Win. Win. Win. Collectively we regenerate. What comes around, goes around and we aim to take the strain off our planet. Simple but significant. Learn more:

Been London - Fashion & Lifestyle (United Kingdom)

Been London's bags may be beautiful. But so is their story. Because they’re made from material that was destined for landfill: premium leather offcuts, single-use plastic bottles, discarded clothes, pineapple leaves. They’re handmade in London and packaged using 100% recycled materials. Which means they feel just as good as they look. Learn more:

Gung Ho - Fashion & Lifestyle (United Kingdom)

Gung Ho collections are made out of sustainable fabrics, in small batches, locally in London. They think it is important to support small talented businesses (especially during this time), as well as giving back to charities that work with the issues they design around. Their Climate Change collection highlights three topics, the actual Climate, Endangered Species and the Everyday Actions you can take to make a difference. They also make zero waste accessories with their offcuts. Learn more:

Tellus - Travel & Tourism (Portugal)

Tellus goal is to build a sustainable tourism pilot-facility - an eco-luxury hotel. This building will be based on circular economy in full cycle, applied to design, construction, and guest experience. They intend this project to be a reference in the sustainable tourism development arena, and a lighthouse for dissemination of policies which support a shift in resource utilization towards sustainability in the tourism industry & promoting the dissemination of the policies established in the UN Climatic Summit 2019. Learn more:

TopUp Truck - Food & Drinks (United Kingdom)

TopUp Truck vision is to make plastic-free shopping as easy, convenient and affordable as going to the supermarket. That’s why they've launched the TOPUP TRUCK - a mobile zero-waste shop - operating from an old electric milk float. Learn more:

Motive - Purpose Consultancy (UK)

Motive supports organisations to be a positive force in the world. Will, Fiona and Ian came together through a shared belief in the power of organisational Purpose. Not Purpose as a mere statement, but Purpose fully activated. It's when an organisation's stakeholders are passionate partners in a powerful Purpose. That's a lofty goal, but the reward is immense for everyone - collectively and individually. They've set about bringing together a diverse range of experts, at the top of their game, to help their clients make this happen.

Solve Earth - Consultancy (United Kingdom)

Solve Earth mission is to inspire and support an army of eco-entrepreneurs to build eco - startup companies that are founded on a new regenerative blueprint, in order to create a greener, healthier 21st century.

Fiquetex - Circular (Colombia)

Fiquetex produces 100% sustainable, renewable and biodegradable non-woven textiles made of fique fibre and natural rubber latex. With state-of-the-art green technology, they follow the principles of the circular economy model and plan to sequester over 11,000 tons of CO2 from the environment by 2025. That means minimal waste and maximal recycling throughout our process to bring you high quality textiles to help business do their part in the fight against climate change. Fiquetex's disruptive and patented technology has received recognition from around the globe, from both academic and mass media publications

Jack & Grace - Communications Consultancy (United Kingdom)

Jack & Grace is a communications and impact relations agency fuelled by passion. True to their belief that doing good is good for business, they only work with organisations that place social and environmental purpose at their heart – using communications as a force for good. By partnering with brands that value people, planet and profit equally, they help tell stories that matter - stories that go beyond the corporate bottom line.

BarePack - Good Packaging (France)

BarePack was created to offer zero-waste solutions for take-out and home delivery.

They are convinced that reuse is the solution to end disposable tableware. With BarePack, it's a whole ecosystem that works together to make the system simple and convenient.

Efecto Colibri - Consultancy (Spain)

Efecto Colibri is gives a voice to companies impact & energize impact communities. They provide a range of articles about social innovators in the positive impact sector. From circular economy to gender equality. They also focus on producing a range of tailor-made podcasts. From a social innovation series to inspiring stories of dedication to change. Their third focus is on strategic consulting in strengthening virtual communities. Workings for developing individual and collective potential.

Peel Juice Bar - Food & Drinks (United Kingdom)

At the heart of everything they do is an unshakeable conviction in the health-giving, life-affirming power of our juices. For that reason, they devote every ounce of our energy to conceiving explosive blends of flavoursome, nutrient-rich juices, smoothies and healthy food, designed just for you.

Lustgarten Global - Legal services (USA)

Lustgarten Global is a law firm dedicated to representing companies in global (non-U.S.) immigration matters worldwide. They provide companies with comprehensive immigration services, including procuring employment visas, work permits, residence permits and business visas for countries around the world. They offer a single, U.S.-based legal team capable of handling immigration matters worldwide.

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