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Positive Documentaries: We Love – Woman

This documentary film lurches you from the harrowing to the hilarious. One scarred woman bravely recounts how a man threw acid on her face. Another joyously regales us on the intensity of her first orgasm: an experience so new to her she jokes she thought she was having a brain haemorrhage.

Producers Anastasia Mikova and Yann Arthus-Bertrand travelled to 50 countries, interviewing over 2000 women, crossing cultures, languages, and generations. Their aim is to create a raw and comprehensive study on womanhood, as well as encouraging a shift in today’s perception. The position of a woman is one of the best indicators of societal progress, making this an urgent and compelling study.

The style is unashamedly simple and intimate. A kaleidoscopic compilation of camera-facing interviews spotlights the unique vulnerability and beauty of each woman, whilst looking directly into her eyes, we can fully listen to and appreciate each story. An intimacy is captured that not for one moment feels improvised.

Traversing massive themes of motherhood, body image, cancer, sexism, sexuality, marriage, pornography, love, and loss—a uniting thread is undoubtedly that of empowerment. This diverse cross-section of female voices ring in tenacious harmony in their demand to be heard.

Woman is more than a finished film, but a living project with a touring exhibition, related conferences, debates, and global screenings to create a safe space for discussion. Its makers aim to forge an international network of NGOs who work on women’s issues and female empowerment. It is a celebration of femininity as much as it is a fertile opportunity for progress.

Learn more and watch the Movie here.


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