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Earth Day: Call for a New Food System

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

The Food & Drinks (F&D) sector has the potential to spearhead our transition to a

Regenerative economy. To undo decades of destructive agriculture, exploitative

supply chains, and harmful packaging which weighs down on the system and Mother

Earth. For this reason, in 2021 we are committing ourselves 110% to improving food

systems and positively impacting the F&D industry.

To show our commitment, and that of other Positive Impact Companies, we have created an ambitious Food & Drinks Manifesto setting out 12 key drivers to empower food systems. These include prioritising health & nutrition, tackling food security, reducing food waste, rethinking distribution, and creating healthy supply webs. Underlying each driver is a desire for the sector to return more to the planet than it takes.

We need to talk about food. Food is the heart of our communities, global health, and the future of this extraordinary planet we call home. Our current food system is also broken, which devastates lives and livelihoods around the world. We have a unique window of opportunity to make radical changes to the way we all think about, produce, consume and share food to have a net positive impact on people and the planet, and create a food system that we are proud to hand over to the next generation. That mission is aligned to our own ambition at Quorn Foods, and we proudly support the urgent call to transform our food system today to meet the needs of tomorrow. We ask everyone to join us to demand fair, healthy and sustainable food for the future.

Tess Kelly - Sustainable Development Manager at Quorn Foods

The Food and Drinks sector is full of its own unique opportunities and challenges when it comes to climate action and social change, but we believe there are 3 Fundamentals at the core of each business’ Regenerative journey.

Cutting Emissions

Regenerative businesses are smashing targets on their way to go Net Zero and Beyond by 2030. Modernising distribution fleets with electrical vehicles and opting for plant-based ingredients & products are brilliant ways of cutting down emissions. Not to mention, sourcing from pioneers in Regenerative agriculture or vertical farming puts businesses on the fast track to making a positive impact.

"At Ecofleet mindful delivery we try to do our share towards contributing to sustainable delivery of food, drinks, subscription meals and parcels to customers. Our fleet of electric cargo bikes each can carry a load of 250kg and have zero emission. Our commitment to zero emission even extends to our warehouse where our electricity is supplied from renewable energy sources"

Farah Asemi - Founder & CEO at the Ecofleet

Eliminating Waste

The transition to Zero Waste is in our hands, and with continued perseverance in regenerative & circular economics, it can become our reality. With a rising food-sharing revolution and breakthroughs in biodegradable packaging, there is nothing stopping businesses from making a positive impact. Our Zero Waste journey poses countless opportunities for innovation and efficiency gains.

"Currently 1/3 of all food goes to waste, yet 800 million people go hungry every single day - our current system is not only broken, it's destroying the planet. OLIO fully supports the Positive manifesto for a more regenerative food system, and hopes as many food and drinks businesses as possible will join us in pledging to advocate for systematic, positive change"

Saasha Celestial-One - Co-Founder & COO at OLIO

Creating Value for All

Businesses can become living embodiments of the values we want to promote in the world, and Positive Impact Companies, coming from a perspective of wholeness, can achieve social justice by lifting up others across supply webs. This means practicing ethical sourcing standards and partaking in radical collaboration, helping us to create a global economy based on principles of Value for All rather than Winner Takes All.

"At Alter Eco, we envision a world where farmers, as they feed us, can also feed their families. A world where farmers capture carbon from the atmosphere, and create a regenerative system that gives back to the soil more than it takes. A planet that can continue to provide food to our children and future generations"

Antoine Ambert - Senior Director of Sustainability & Innovation at Alter Eco

By recognising the 12 drivers of our food systems transformation outlined in our Manifesto, we can unleash the power of Positive Impact in the Food & Drinks sector. Many changemaker businesses have already signed up, pledging to bring Positive change to the sector. You are invited to join us in transforming our food systems, and making every meal a celebration of amazing food.

Together, let’s honor our planet and the people who make it all possible.


Join the signatories:

  • Quorn Foods

  • Kiss the Ground

  • OLIO

  • Too Good to Go

  • Alter Eco

  • Healthy Nibbles

  • Ecofleet

  • The Naked Collective

  • Vepluche

  • BiosTech

  • Agriledger

  • IKO

  • Pandobac

  • Sipful Drinks

  • BarePack

  • Bread & Jam

  • The Better Food Foundation

  • Forward Fooding

  • The Sustainable Restaurant Association

  • The International Food Waste Coalition

  • ...


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