A dynamic and holistic tool designed to trigger your thinking by giving you a new perspective on impact, which creates the freedom to make change happen


The Compass provides changemakers with a transformational set of principles  - supported by tools and resources to guide and embed Impact. The Compass methodology brings to life these five life-affirming principles (5Ps); People, Planet, Partners and Places with Purpose at the Core.

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The Compass is a tool to support the wellbeing of the whole system, and to support an economy in service of life within the safe space of the planetary boundaries - also consistent with the Wellbeing Economy.


The current generation of ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) and certification methodologies have a focus on doing LESS harm. The Positive Compass is about doing NO harm, as well as doing MORE good. This is a qualitative first, life-affirming approach, embedding all aspects of a company’s impact.


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PURPOSE: Purpose at the core

Good companies need a clear social and environmental purpose in place before they can build resilient cultures. 

Action Areas; Culture, Engagement, Governance.

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PLANET: Right Relationship with Nature

Businesses now need to give back more than they take so that we can restore ecosystems and build a regenerative economy. 

Action Areas; Net Zero, Zero Waste, Good Materials, Good Products & Services. 

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PEOPLE: Elevating Human Potential

Good businesses place their team’s wellbeing front and centre, are inclusive workspaces, and empower their colleagues. 

Action Areas; Diversity & Inclusion, Wellbeing, Fair Pay, Empowerment.

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PARTNERS: Value for All

Regenerative businesses recognise shared value: this involves creating healthy supply chains, supporting human rights,  and healthy living standards. 

Action Areas; Fair Value, Modern Slavery, Suppliers, Ethical Technology. 


PLACES: Empowering Places & Communities

Good companies engage with the communities companies are part of, and recognising each place in its own unique way. 

Action Areas; Marketplace Ethics, Community Impact, Fair Tax, Biodiversity.