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We provide our members with jargon-free toolkits sharing actionable steps for positive impact. The Navigation tools are developed over several months by the core team of Positive and the appreciated and valuable support of external contributors experts, academics, business leaders, and reviewers.


All the toolkits are aligned with the five principles of the Positive Compass empowering members to reach the highest standards of impact. New toolkits are underway and will be made available to our members every month.


From social injustice, to climate change, this handbook sets out a practical vision for transformational change inspired by Nature. The authors have anchored their vision in Regenerative principles and take the reader on a deep dive into indigenous wisdom, purpose, systems change, biodiversity, nature, and human potential.

This Handbook is full of inspiring case studies of pioneering changemaker companies at the front lines of positive impact.  Whether you run a mission-led business or are an aspiring entrepreneur with a big idea who wants to change the world, this is an indispensable guide.



We collect stories of change from Positive members leading by example. From baobab superfood ADUNA empowering communities across Africa to hydrogen fossil-fuel-free car manufacturer Riversimple, we highlight pioneers' practices.


All the case studies include a presentation of our members as well as the best practices they implement to lead positive change. All the resources are free to download and share.

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We’re well past the point that prioritizing Sustainability makes sense. The great challenge of our time is now to restore our planet’s health and regenerate her ecosystems. That means doing a whole lot more good.


Discover our latest thinking as well as content about our members making a Positive Impact. You will find the latest updates on Positive Impact and Regenerative business.